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Why Commercial Landscaping for your Business

Everyone knows that building and maintaining a commercial property is a major investment. From the early planning stages, through permitting and construction, to finishing the project for inspection, each step along the way is carefully considered. But once your Utah commercial construction project is finished, your property can still be enhanced by attention to landscaping. An experienced Utah contractor can help ensure that landscaping adds value and helps your building fit in seamlessly with the neighborhood.

Why invest in landscaping for your commercial property?

Landscaping is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain the value of your commercial property. No matter how much you’ve invested during construction, landscaping around your business creates the first impression. A number of studies have shown that landscaping can affect the value of a property from five to twenty percent.

Visitors, potential tenants and customers will have a more professional image of your company. The people who work in your facilities will enjoy coming to work in a more pleasant and attractive environment. Others in the community will appreciate the attention you’ve paid to the overall appearance of the area.

What comprises commercial property landscaping?

There are several components of any good commercial landscaping plan. They include:

  1. Flower and shrubbery beds, which to help ease the transition from curb to building.
  2. Trees, which can not only enhance open spaces, but also help provide shade to the building, reduce cooling costs and help prevent soil erosion.
  3. Shrubs and flower boxes, which can help to conceal HVAC and other mechanical units, providing a more pleasing appearance.
  4. Species of plants and trees that are native to Utah and will not require excessive watering, grooming or winter care.

What is “sustainable landscaping?”

A Utah landscape contractor can help you plan for a “green” landscape design before construction even begins by incorporating sustainable landscaping features. Not only do these features help the environment, but they can also generate substantial long-term cost savings.

Water conservation is one of the most obvious ways a commercial property can save money. According to irrigation, the implementation of a custom-made plan can cut irrigation costs by up to 40 percent per year. Ask Glover Landscape for information on an irrigation audit – installing the proper system during construction will save you from having to revisit your water use plan after the project is completed.

Recycling organic landscape waste is another way to realize cost savings and help the environment. Where possible, using composted grass clippings, leaves, branches and woodchips accomplishes two things: It creates ready-made fertilizer and mulch, saving money on chemical products, and it reduces the cost of transporting and disposing of that waste.

Lastly, by limiting the areas of turf on your Utah commercial property, you can significantly reduce maintenance costs and water usage. A mixed landscape that incorporates native trees, native grass blends and ornamental beds is an attractive way to achieve this.

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