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What Not To Flush

I have recently become a first time home owner. Before purchasing the home, during the “due-diligence” period, we had an inspector check the home for any problems. The first thing the inspector told us “even brand new homes have a list of problems” & Lowes or Home Depot would become our new best friend. He also made me think about daily day to day things I do that can harm the home; but that may be prevented.  He told us stories about new home owners that devalue their home, because they do not know what they are doing.

I realized how oblivious I was about what not to flush or pour down the drains. Knowledge is power, so before flushing or pouring something down the drain think about it. Everything that drains out of your home (bathroom, kitchen, washer machine & toilet) drains into the city sewer system. You could be the cause of the neighbors paying a plumber to unclog their drains. Here are a few examples of what NOT to put down the drain:


*disposable diapers                                *dairy productsflush kitty

*hygene products                                    *fats & oils

*cotton balls                                             *coffee beans

*swabs                                                       *eggs

*medications                                            *plastic

*cleaning wipes                                        *paper towels

*make up remover                                   *cat litter


However, if you do run into any issues with your plumbing system please feel free to contact your local plumbing company anytime….Glover Plumbing.

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