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Water Main Busted

The main water line is the conduit by which water comes into your house.  The water is either supplied by the city or is coming into your home via a well.  If you obtain your water from the city, this is the article for you.  If you receive your water from a well you probably have some form of a pump and take your water from the ground.  For the rest of us, getting water is a little easier, and we need only to rely on the municipal powers that be in our city.  Glover Plumbing is here to make sure that it always is easy for you.

The main point of talking about a main line is what you should do if something goes wrong.  Let’s take a look at some scenarios that a person may have to deal with.

If you have a pipe burst anywhere in your house, chances are that you want to shut the water off as fast as possible.  Usually the main line comes into your house through your basement or crawlspace.  To turn water off, there is usually a main shut-off valve where the main line comes in.  This valve will either be a half-turn rotary valve, or if your home is older, a gate-valve.  Gate valves are round and require you to turn them clock-wise to shut them off.  Where your main line valve is located can depend.  It is always smart to know exactly where it is located in case of an emergency.  If you do shut off the water be sure to shut down any devices that need a cold water supply, such as hot water heaters, boilers, water softeners, and things of that nature.

Another problem that may occur is the main line rupturing between your house and the street.  This will immediately cut water pressure and you should start to notice the front yard getting very damp.  You will need to shut the water off at the street.  This valve is located just off the street, usually in your yard.  This is usually where your water meter is located and is under a metal access hatch.  Once the hatch is removed, you will need a water key to turn the valve exactly perpendicular with the pipe coming in.  At this point you will need to call a local plumber to come out and replace your water main.  They will need to dig up the yard to replace it.  Glover Plumbing works fast to make this as pain-free as possible.

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