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Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is a great time to surprise your “Sweetheart” with a Holiday cleaning gift.  A beautifully and professionally cleaned home will be sure to make her happy.  And having a week off from household chores can be a great gift to show how much you appreciate all she does for you.  And if you are the “Sweetheart” give yourself a gift of more time to spend with “him”.

And Valentine’s Day means that Spring is just around the corner.  Now is a great time to schedule a major deep cleaning service through GLOVER CLEANING.  Discounts are available for early scheduling and if you become a recurring service client of GLOVER, the savings will be even more significant.

To ease your worries, you can get help with your house/facility cleaning. GLOVER CLEANING offers professional cleaning services for those like you who need just a one-time service or who need recurring or regular cleaning services. We can do any home or office cleaning job including a thorough sweep of carpets and floors, windows, bathrooms, and the kitchen.   We also offer professional window washing, inside and out.

With professional cleaners taking care of your property, you can focus on the more important opportunities that come to you and your family. Contact us today for a free estimate without obligation.

Spring is on the way!

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