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Lawn Aeration FAQ

How important is lawn aeration?  Lawn aeration is the secret to making your lawn look healthy.  Aeration involves making holes in the lawn either by pushing a rod and extracting a plug of soil.  By aerating your lawn, you provide oxygen to the roots and allow the soil to breathe.   Organic fertilizers and nutrients can get access to the root system.   This also helps water to soak the soil and reach the root system.

When is the best time to aerate a lawn?  Early Spring and late Fall or usually the best time to aerate a lawn.  If you only aerate your lawn once a year, early spring is the best.  This is because aerating your lawn in the spring will prepare it for summer.

Does aeration time differ depending upon soil type?  Soil can vary in hardness even in one climate.  When you aerate your lawn in the spring with a core aerator you make a lot of holes in your lawn.  When summer comes along or when the average daily temperature goes above 70°, the clay soil will expand. Normally, this will put a lot of extra compression on the roots and the grass doesn’t grow well in the summer.  If you have lawn aerated before summer, then the holes in the long will help absorb the compaction from the expanding soil.

How often should you have your lawn aerated?  Most landscape experts recommend you should aerate a lawn every 1 to 3 years.  Many new home owners find their soil extremely dense.  This is because most home developers scrape off the topsoil when they build a new home and it can take years before the soil can be naturally healthy again.

Glover Landscaping is the Utah aeration expert and we can help commercial business, HOA’s, and municipalities aerate their lawns and make them healthy year round.

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