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If You Live In Utah, You Need A Home Humidifier

During the winter months, Utah homes become very dry. This results in dry skin, dry lips, and general discomfort. Having a home humidifier that connects to your furnace is a great way to fight the dryness.

A home humidifier is an investment that pays for itself in terms of the money you would save on needless visits to the doctor and needless trips to the pharmacy to buy medications. You can also save money on your energy bill as well.

Home humidifiers vary in size and strength. Humidifiers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are compact, meant for small, enclosed rooms such as bedrooms. Some are larger, and hold more capacity, and produce more vaporized air, meant for larger rooms such as living rooms and family rooms.

Some humidifiers come with filters and some do not. Some produce cold air mists. And some produce warm air mists. Some allow you to control the speed at which the water is converted into vapor, and consequently the speed at which the water vapor is released into the air.

There are low-end home humidifiers that have absolutely no electronics built into them. They are just straightforward machines that convert water into vapor. And then there are more sophisticated, state of the art humidifiers that are fully programmable. You can schedule the use of your humidifier. You can have it detect the humidity levels in the air and use that as a basis for switching on and off. You can control the speed of the air flow. You can even monitor and control the temperature in the room. You can have it alert you when the water level is getting low. Moreover, there are even humidifiers that can clean and refill themselves so that you don’t have to do all of the manual labor that is involved in cleaning and refilling.

Glover Heating & Air can analyze your home and your needs and recommend the best choice for home humidifiers.

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