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Up Some Time Like Betty

Betty is just like you, she works hard and lately has found it extremely difficult to find just a few extra hours to herself.

Glover Cleaning

This year Betty has partnered with Glover Cleaning to carve out 3 hours a week for her. At Glover Cleaning we are committed to helping with her New Year’s Resolutions and making her dreams come true.

We all think about how much things would be different if we had just had some extra time. Here at Glover Cleaning “Time Retrieval” is our specialty. Betty has been given the gift of time, and with that gift she finding new things to do everyday.

Follow along everyday as she finds new and exciting things to do, to learn, and experience. Right now she’s hanging out with us on our Facebook page join the fun Right Here!!

What would you do if you had an extra 3 hours?

Would you learn to play the guitar?

Utah cleaning service

Would you read that book you have been dying to read?

Would you start a new hobby or project?

Betty Project

Go on a date with your not-so-significant other

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"Love the extra time (and energy) me and the wife have now to spend doing stuff we want to do. They do a great job, very reliable, easy to work with. Get exactly what we want."

James (Park City, UT)