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Utah Plumbing and HVAC – Winter Prep Q&A

I would like to take this opportunity to answer a couple questions about plumbing and heating systems as the season changes to winter.

1. “What should I do to winterize my outside hose bibs?”
As a rule of thumb hoses should be removed from faucet thus allowing residual water to drain out. Next install insulation fully around faucet and securely fasten insulated faucet cover over faucet. It may also help to insure that the gap around faucet is filled with spray foam insulation so cold air cannot penetrate the outside wall.

2. “What should I do to pre-start up for my furnace?”
If you have any concern with your furnace I recommend having it checked out by a professional. However there are a few things that you can do. First thing is to make sure that it has a clean filter and the filter is the right shape and size specified by the furnace manufacturer. Also make sure that all vents and returns are clear so air can flow freely. Often times we find that returns are blocked thus causing a loss of efficiency. Also become familiar with how your thermostat operates. It may be very simple or very complicated. A late cold night is not the ideal time to try and figure it out. Lastly make sure the area around furnace is clear of debris and other flammables to ensure safety. Numerous times we find flammables like paint and chemicals stored around furnace, this is not safe. If you have additional questions I recommend consulting a professional.

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