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Utah Business Builds Habitat — Government not Required

In business, when one of your biggest and best customers calls to ask “a little favor”, you usually respond in the affirmative and perform the favor. Glover Maintenance’s plumbing and HVAC construction company, PHE Mechanical, was asked by Westland Construction, the build sponsor, to install the plumbing for a Utah County Habitat for Humanity home. This home was a “blitz build”, which meant the home would be constructed in less than 10 days from start to finish!

Utah County should be proud to know their locally owned plumbing supply shop, Southwest Plumbing supply, stepped up big, providing all the needed items at no cost to us or to Habitat.

How Habitat Works
Early Wednesday morning, everything was moving quickly with dozens of workers in the space that was quickly becoming a home. During breakfast I met a Habitat volunteer, Mike McCoy of McCoy’s Flooring & Cabinets. He explained to me how the Habitat program works.

The family donates 1,000 hours of personal service and takes out an affordability based mortgage on the home, which then pays for future homes to be built. Not a dime of government money or resources are used. This program runs well (we’ll leave political commentary to the reader…).

Then I met the family, the Fullmers, we were building the home for and their youngest child. He has serious medical complications that will be with him his whole life, and is part of the reason the family struggles to make ends meet. Realizing the program is not a hand out, but a hand up, and that it is 100% funded by local business and citizens–the opportunity to participate became exciting. I wasn’t doing it for our customer anymore, we were doing it because it was good to do.

On Site
With dozens of contractors on site, the inevitable tool swap began. We looked for a missing Milwaukee drill to find it being used by the Magleby’s Construction framers they donated what appeared to be at least a dozen guys.

Anyway, the home transformed by the hour and was substantially complete (minus a little fascia and soffit) in a week. It was amazing, mostly because there were no troubles between all the contractors there at the same time. After we got our drill back, we even shared our drill with the electricians from Powerhouse Electric who had brought a dull bit-but half a dozen sharp technicians.

Local citizens, local businesses, helping a local family in Need
Sorry for the cheese, but Glover people are a patriotic bunch. In this little slice of work, we saw all that is still great about America, and really, what America was founded on. Neighborhoods and communities providing for their own. No waiting for mandates, taxes, or special direction from Government. It was truly a pleasure to participate. We look forward to doing so again.

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