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What Kind Of Cleaning Do I Need?

Eric Villarreal, Glover Cleaning Manager

Calling a cleaning business and saying “I need to get my house cleaned” is like going to a car dealership and saying I need to buy a car. Just like the various types of cars, there are different kind of cleanings. The four most popular types of cleaning are general, top-to-bottom, recurring, and move in/move out.

General Cleaning:
General cleaning works best for someone who is on a budget or someone who needs a cleaning before an event. In general, general cleaning includes the following:

  • Wipe down surfaces like counters, appliances, and floors.
  • Scrub toilets, sinks, tubs & showers
  • Spot clean walls, baseboards, light switches, doors
  • Vacuuming floors and mopping hard surfaces
  • Plus, dusting surfaces

Top-To-Bottom Cleaning:
If your house hasn’t been cleaned in a while or if needs extra cleaning, you probably need top-to-bottom cleaning. Top-to-bottom cleaning is a little more than General Cleaning, but the cleaning is more indepth and includes General Cleaning, plus

  • They clean from the floor to the ceiling including scrubbing the baseboards and window sills
  • They also clean the ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, cobwebs, blinds,
  • Special attention to build-up on surfaces and on shower doors,
  • Clean inside & outside of cabinet doors

Recurring Cleaning:
Recurring cleaning generally involves a regular scheduled cleaning. This allows us to focus on certain areas and rotate on each visit. Recurring cleanings are the lowest price per visit, because it takes less time per visit because we know what areas has been cleaned in the past and what future areas we will be focusing on.

Move in/Move out Cleaning:
Moving cleaning is often a very involved process. We usually use a larger cleaning crew to reduce the cleaning time. Moving cleaning is most efficient when the furniture is removed and our cleaners have access to the baseboards and all areas.

Call Glover Cleaning and we can customize a cleaning to meet your needs.

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