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Tree Roots Can Cause Major Damage To Pipes

glover plumbingEveryone has had plumbing problems some times in their life. But some times when multiple plumbing problems start happening to a home, tree roots can be the culprit.

Tree roots can penetrate the main sewer line and cause multiple plumbing problems within a house.

Sewer pipes are laid in the ground and back filled with fine stone and soil. The effluent in the pipe is warmer than soil outside the pipe which creates condensation on the outside of the pipe near cracks and imperfections in the pipe. The condensation vapours travel to the surface, leading roots to the pipe defects and into the pipe. Inside the pipe there is an abundance of nutrients and moisture available for the roots and they will thrive in this nutrient rich environment.

The remedy for the problem is to dig down through the ground and root structure to the main sewer pipe to find the extent of the problem. In most cases, Glover Plumbing uses our Hydro Jetting machine and our video inspection camera to see the problem within the pipes.

Most of the time the tree can be saved and the sewer pipes can be rerouted. Call Glover Plumbing for the best in utah tree root plumbing problems.

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