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Top 10 Reasons You Need A New Water Heater

There are sure signs that maybe it’s time to get a new Water Heater. Here are some things to look at.

  1. Your spouse scream at you every time they take a shower and it suddenly goes cold?
  2. Your water heater remembers the Y2K scare.
  3. Rust-color water comes out of faucets, and your spouse blames you.
  4. It takes longer than a GOP debate to get your shower warm.
  5. You have to shower in 30 seconds because your water goes cold.
  6. Your hot water heater leaks like a sieve.
  7. The neighbors complain because your water heater pops and cracks like a gun.
  8. You can’t wash your clothes because you can only run one appliance at a time.
  9. All your meals are on paper plates because your dish washer can’t get hot enough.
  10. The game of “flush the toilet and everyone in a shower screams” is getting old.

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