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Time to start looking at Spring Fertilizing Program

Commercial businesses and Municipalities need to start making a plan for their Spring Fertilizing program.  Before they know it, good Utah commercial landscaping businesses will be hard to find and as we all know, in Utah it sometimes goes from winter to summer.

It’s important to choose a professional that knows the right blend of fertilizer to use on your lawns.

Choose The Right Blend Of Fertilizer

Anyone with a yard knows there are several fertilizer to choose from.  A Spring fertilizer that’s especially high in nitrogen will likely provide your lawn with several benefits. The first benefit is to accelerate your lawn’s growth and give you the green healthy look. Sounds great, but the downside is all the early top growth typically comes at the expense of your lawn’s roots, and during wet spring weather, an over-fertilized lawn will cause  lawn fungus. While some fertilizer is a great start to your season’s lawn maintenance, in the Spring, a fertilizer with lower nitrogen content than you’d use at other times of the year, and it needs to be applied in the right amount.

Weed Prevention and Feed Fertilizers

As we all know, spring brings weeds in lawns.  If you’re spreading any new seed, whether you’re putting in an entirely new law, or just over seeding damaged patches, do not apply a weed and feed fertilizer. The herbicide will kill young grass along with the weeds. For now, a fertilizer without any herbicide is the way to go.

Getting a Utah commercial fertilizer plan is vital to having a strong lawn to make your business or municipal location to look professional and beautiful.  Call Glover Landscaping to get a bid today!

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