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Tidying Up Your Home for Holiday Guests

The Christmas season can be a busy time of year, with shopping, baking and guest dropping by on very short notice. Here are a few quick tips to help turn a messy home into a neat and clean place to celebrate the Holidays.

1. Hand Vacuum
If guest are dropping by, use a small vacuum or even your fingers instead of dragging out the big vacuum to pick up the most obvious debris such as food crumbs, pine needles, scraps of wrapping paper or other dirty specs.

2. Scented Candles or a Scented Plug In
Warm and delicious aromas such as vanilla, cinnamon or other spices help make for a very homey atmosphere for the holidays. Lighting a scented candle or oil infuser several minutes before guest arrive will make your home smell great.

3. Kitchen Cleanup
Use a damp sponge or dishcloth with a lemony smelling disinfectant over the counters, faucets and stove to keep them sparkling. Don’t forget to get the front of the refrigerator and microwave, especially the handles. Also get any obvious spots on the walls and floors.

4. Bathroom Cleanup
You don’t want to be embarrassed by unsightly rings, dirt or stains in your restrooms. Use a sponge or rag with a bit of disinfectant to quickly scrub the bathtub and sink as well as wipe down the toilet. Put away any loose makeup, toothbrushes, or other items in a basket under the sink for a quick bathroom cleanup.

5. Trash
It only takes a few seconds to empty trash containers. Focus on visible trash cans in offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen or other places guest may see to ensure your home looks great.

6. Close Doors
There will definitely not be time to thoroughly clean every room when guest are on their way, but by simply closing doors to untidy rooms can make the house seem neater and keep guest from venturing into less than perfect areas. Bedrooms, laundry rooms, pantries and closet doors should all be closed tightly.

7. Dishes
Store dirty dishes in the dishwasher or in a sink strainer that can quickly be moved underneath the sink. Be sure to rinse out the sink to remove loose crumbs and stains.

8. Holiday Snacks
Its always inviting to have a few holiday snacks on hand before guest arrive. Candy dishes, cookie plates or other decadent treats make for an easy snack.

Many people feel hurried during the holiday season as they go from one pressing task to the other. But with a quick 10 to 15 minute cleaning throughout the day, housework does not need to become a burden.

Glover Cleaning wants to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season.

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