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Summer Time Plumbing Checklist

We are coming to the end of July and summer is bringing temperatures in the triple digits. Summer sports involve going to the pool, hiking & camping. With the hot temperatures that Utah has been experiencing, your summer fun could be ruined by a plumbing disaster. Follow this simple checklist and protect your summer fun.


1.            The sun is no friend to pipes that run on the outside of the home. High temperatures can cause the pipes to expand, burst or leak. Underground leaks are close to impossible to detect unless you are monitoring your water bill on a monthly basis. If you see a sudden spike in the water bill contact us at Glover Plumbing. In rare occasions when the leak goes unnoticed for a long time, you will see a noticeable water bubble forming in your lawn, X marks the spot.

2.            Check  outside  the home for dripping pipes, hose bibs or leaking valve connectors. Leaks should be fixed right away, they are not your friend.

3.            Water conservation is important to the world and your pocket. Be smart about your irrigation schedule; check the weather and turn of your sprinkler system if it is raining, do not water your lawn during the day, & if you have a question with your sprinklers, please contact our landscape division at

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