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How A Clean House Can Help With Allergies

Eric Villarreal Glover Cleaning Manager

Spring time is coming and everyone is excited for warmer weather. Spring time is also allergy time. Alergies makes you run inside and bolt the door. Having your house clean can help reduce symptoms of allergies and make you more comfortable.

Dust Bunnies:
Dust bunnies multiply as fast as real bunnies. Small dust bunnies attracts more dust and soon can become dust monsters. Having your home dusted can reduce dust bunnies and make the air cleaner.

Nip Dirt In The Bud:
If you suffer from allergies, the most important thing you can do is to keep your carpets vacuumed. Dust can accumulate in carpets and collect pollen and other things that you’re allergic to. Pollen on shoes can collect on carpet along with pets. Carpet can hold the dander, which is what causes the allergies.

A lamb’s wool duster contains lanolin which attracts the dirt and holds it. It doesn’t put any chemical on the furniture. Furniture polish contains silicone, which is not good for your furniture or you.

Furnace Filter:
You should change your furnace filter every month, especially if you have allergies and a dust problem.

Fresh Air Intakes:
Your furnace relies on fresh air intakes to provide air to the furnace. If your fresh air intake is behind furniture or behind a TV, it could be years since it was cleaned. This collects dust and causes dust to go into your furnace.

A Good Spring Cleaning:
Spring is a perfect time to have your home professionally cleaned. This will reduce allergies and let you focus on having fun in the warm weather. Glover Cleaning has a Spring cleaning special you can take advantage of.

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