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Secret Weapons To Keep Your Shower Doors Clean

Eric Villarreal, Glover Cleaning Manager

If you have a glass shower door or shower wall, you know that keeping it clean is a constant battle. Here are a couple of tricks to keep your shower door clean.

Magic Eraser:
Simply put, the Magic Eraser is magic. It will clean anything and if you finish wipe with water and vinegar it will eat through anything.

Fabric Softner Sheets:
Fabric softner sheets contain ingredients in them that are formulated to soften water deposits which is what builds up on your shower doors. Scrub with a brush to loosen deposits and then wipe with the fabric softner sheets.

Microfiber cloth:
A simple microfiber cloth can also work to reduce hard water stains from your glass walls.

It only takes a minute, but squegee the glass after the shower keeps the glass clean and makes it look great in between cleanings.

Available at auto parts stores. Made to keep water from settling on airplane windshields (and brought over to the auto industry), the drops will just bead up and slide off.

Glover Cleaning can make your shower walls look brand new. Call us for an appointment.

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