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Save Your HOA Time and Money with Glover Maintenance

Snow RemovalThere’s a lot of work that goes into managing any business, and a homeowners association is no exception. You have to sell properties, run council meetings, handle neighbor disputes, and oh yeah…that snow that just fell has to be cleared in 24 hours.

Of course you’re no stranger to the rules. You enforce them every day among your community. The last thing you need is a resident slipping on snow or ice that was your responsibility to clear. An HOA has a legal obligation to inspect and remove snow that could be dangerous during a snowfall. This can create a huge burden for those associations. You can try to shovel the snow yourself. You might even ask for resident volunteers, but there’s always the chance they’ll miss something. Your best solution is to hire a reputable snow management company like Glover Maintenance.

Glover Maintenance is a leader in lawn care and snow removal service. We are a locally-owned, family business who cares about each customer’s property like it was our own. We genuinely love what we do.

When it comes to your personal property you want someone that’s certified. Glover Maintenance is both safety certified and landscape industry certified. All our employees complete a safety training course for each piece of equipment. To be certified in the landscape industry requires voluntary study and testing. You can bet that a company that’s taken the time to become certified is qualified and confident in their work.

Glover Maintenance is insured so if anything does go wrong on the job we’ve got you covered.

We are professionals with decades of experience. We’ve been in business since 1986, so we’ve had a lot of time to figure out the most efficient way to get things done at an affordable price.

Homeowners associations are nothing new to us. In fact, they make up a large part of our clients. We understand the laws you deal with and it’s our priority to respond to jobs in a timely manner. Next time a snow storm hits, you can sit back and relax knowing that Glover is handling the mess.

With spring just around the corner it’s also time to think ahead. HOAs are beautiful communities and it’s important to keep that clean-cut yard look. It just so happens that (not by accident) Glover Maintenance has four people in the landscaping department with horticulture degrees. So when you ask us to take care of your lawn, you can trust that it’s in excellent hands.

What’s more is Glover Maintenance can actually save you money. How? We send our customers seasonal suggestions on how to keep your landscape up to date, raise property value and decrease maintenance costs. You probably don’t know everything that goes into maintaining a yard just like we don’t know everything that goes into managing an HOA. But we can help save you money and maintain your profits by keeping your community looking nice. You won’t just be satisfied – you’ll be impressed.

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