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Replacing the Kitchen Sink

Updating a kitchen usually starts at the kitchen sink since this (along with the faucet), is the most used fixture in the house and will show the most wear. You will know when it’s time to update your sink. This is when you start to look at it and say to yourself “it just doesn’t look good anymore.” That’s when it’s time to start looking around at the various kinds of sinks that will go well with the rest of your kitchen decor.  Having an idea of what style and look you want can go a long way for Kitchen remodels.

The first thing to think about when it comes to replacing the sink is what kind of sink you will be installing. For instance, is it an under-mount sink that you are going to replace that will adhere underneath the kitchen counter-top or is it a self-rimming sink that actually sits on top of the counter covering up the sink’s hole? Weather the sink you are replacing is under-mount or not the choice of staying with that type of sink is entirely up to your personal preference.

Next up is choosing a finish for your kitchen’s sink. Sinks come in a variety of finishes like brushed or polished stainless steel, granite, or enamel over cast iron or steel. They can come in your basic white or a wide array of colors.

When you choose an under-mounted counter sink make sure that it is installed properly. With heavier materials like granite an accurate cutout is necessary so that the sink fits properly when it’s glued in place. The adhesive that’s used seals the sink and will hold it in place once it dries, but until that time you must temporarily brace the sink in place to keep it in position. Stainless steel sinks are also perfect for under-mount applications and are a lot less expensive and aren’t as heavy to support during installation.

One of the main advantages of under-mounted sinks is during clean-up. You can easily wipe crumbs away into the sink without the barrier of an over-mount would cause.

There are a lot of top mounted sinks to choose from as well but try not to pick one solely on cost alone. The kitchen sink gets a lot of use so you want one that will not lose its looks quickly but will last for years to come.

If you have been thinking about getting a Kitchen remodel, than look no further than Glover Plumbing.

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