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Reasons Why A Property Manager Needs A Cleaning Company

Eric Villarreal Glover Cleaning Manager

Most people think that cleaning companies just service residences. In Utah, there are thousands of property managers who need cleaning services. Some may start out doing it themselves, then they hire a friend or a relative, then they realize, they need a professional cleaning company.

Keep Common Areas Clean:
Most complexes have areas that are shared by residences. These can be game rooms, club houses, laundry room, etc. Keeping these areas clean on a regular basis is vital to the reputation of the complex and improves tenant retention and acquisition. A cleaning company can be on a regular schedule to clean these areas. Once an area is clean, it is more likely to stay clean.

Move-Out Cleaning:
When a tenant moves out of a unit, they usually clean just enough to get their deposit back. Having a cleaning service come in and do a deep cleaning will improve showing the unit to potential new occupants. This also helps maintain the investment of the property and making sure there aren’t any “hidden surprises” left behind by the old tenants.

Move-In Cleaning:
Having a relationship with a professional cleaning company can help provide new move-ins with a feeling of confidence their new place is clean. Many new residences find having a cleaning company clean the place either before or after move in makes them feel more positive about their new living area.

Glover Cleaning can help property managers maintain their complexes or rental units by providing professional cleaning services.

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