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Quick Cleaning Tips from the Pros Who Know

Cleaning TipsEver wonder why it takes a professional cleaner half the amount of time to do twice the amount of cleaning as you? Well, some of that speed comes from experience, but some of it is thanks to some simple tips that help the job go more quickly. Listen up, because we’re going to pass some of our quick cleaning tips on to you.

Prep Work

One of the things that makes a professional cleaner’s job a little easier is they go into a place that has been prepared for them to clean. Most people clear off the counter tops and pick up clutter from the floors before the cleaner arrives in order to allow them to do their job. It’s much easier to clean an area that is free from clutter, so save yourself the headache of trying to work around your clutter, and pick up before you get started. Putting everything in its place will take just a few minutes and will reduce your cleaning time quite a bit.

The Tools of the Trade

A professional cleaner’s motto is K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid!). Lugging around a whole host of chemicals and fancy cleaning apparatuses purchased from an infomercial will only slow your progress. You only need a few essentials to get you by:

  • A good multi-purpose cleaner to spray on tough spots.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, they really are magic!
  • A few high quality terry cloth rags. These can be found with the auto detailing supplies at the store.
  • Coffee filters for glass and shiny surfaces. Use them in lieu of paper towels for a streak-free shine.
  • A mop, a broom, and a vacuum.

Except for the mop, broom, and vacuum, all of these items can be stored in a small tote that you can pull out and carry around with you as you clean. This will keep you from running back to the cleaning supply cabinet every two minutes.

Getting a Head Start on Next Time

Cleaning will go much more quickly if you do things right the first time around. Dirt attracts more dirt, so clean the corners and the crevices every time to keep things cleaner in between chore days. Re-purposing used dryer sheets as dust cloths will repel dust after the fact, and leave your home smelling fresh. You’ll be surprised how quickly your cleaning goes next time when you take advantage of our upper hand.

Remember, keep it simple. With just a few supplies and a little bit of planning, you too can clean like a pro.

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