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Fall Tips for a Lush Spring Lawn

Winter Lawn CareMany lawn care tips that give you a lush springtime lawn are things you should be doing in the fall. Here are four steps you can take now to have a spring lawn that’ll make your neighbors green with envy.

Step 1- Increase Air Flow

Your lawn will fair the winter better if it can breath a little under all that snow. Aerating your lawn in the fall is a simple process that allows the lawn more access to oxygen. You can use a manual or automated aeration device to remove plugs of soil from the lawn. This allows oxygen to penetrate the lower levels of the lawn, as well as the fertilizer and other nutrients.

Step 2- Add Extra Nutrition

If you only fertilize the lawn one time a year, fall is the time to do it. This will give your lawn the additional nutrition it needs to stock up for the winter, and be ready for spring. However, make sure you don’t use too much fertilizer. Only the recommended amount for your type of grass should be used, because spreading too much fertilizer could burn the lawn.

Step 3- Reseed

Those thin patches of lawn where your kids run from the back door to the swing set a million times a day can be addressed in the fall. Once the lawn is aerated and fertilized, it’s ready to receive some extra seeds that will sprout in the spring when the rest of the lawn wakes up from its long nap. Spreading seed over your whole lawn will ensure that it grows back in thick and even. Use a seed spreader to throw seeds out evenly so you can avoid clumping.

Step 4- Rake, Water, and Repeat
Now that you’ve finished giving your lawn a little extra love, you’ll want to rake over the whole thing. This will break apart the soil clumps from aeration, cover over your new seeds, and remove old leaves and debris that block the airflow to your grass. Once everything is clean and evened out, water the lawn a little to help everything to settle in. If you need to mow again before your lawn goes dormant, repeat the process when you’re done.

Ideally, you should start your fall lawn maintenance early enough in the season to give you time to repeat the process two or three times before winter sets in. There may be some variations on these steps depending on what type of grass you have and what the specific needs of your lawn are. Check with a professional landscaper to see what you need to do in your situation, or turn the job over to them to make sure your lawn looks its best come spring.

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