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Trees need water to survive, so a tree’s root system is designed to find the nearest water source. Because sewer lines are a constant source of water, roots will eventually find sewer lines, which is a major cause of sewer problems.

Tree roots in sewer lines can cause major blockages, which will cause all the raw sewage from your home to come right back up. If the roots grow large enough there could even be breakage and rupturing in the sewer lines.

If you live in an old house, particularly one built before the late 1980’s, there is a good chance that your sewer line is made of clay, and these old clay pipes were joined together with mortar. We all know that clay and mortar will eventually rot away when exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. When there are breaks–even the tiniest cracks–between the clay pipes and the mortar, the tree root can make its way in. Once the tree finds nourishment it will grow inside the pipe, and over time huge tree roots develop, causing blockage or rupture.

Glover Plumbing is able to handle this problem by replacing the sewer lines with heavy iron and plastic piping, which makes it difficult for the roots to find their way into the lines. Another way to handle this problem is to repel the tree roots using copper sulfate in the soil around the sewer line.

Glover Plumbing uses special equipment to take video images from within the pipes to discover the exact location of the problem. We also use a water jetting machine that will help clear the sewer lines more safely and effectively than some alternatives.

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