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Drain Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Who are you going to call to unplug your kitchen sink? Any plumber in Salt Lake City can promise drain cleaning in your Utah home, but when unexpected problems arise, will they have the expertise and technology to solve the problem? When you call Glover Plumbing for our drain cleaning services, you get the expertise of our master plumbers and technicians with the best technology on the market.

How many times have you called a plumber for a drain cleaning services and they show up unprepared? Every clogged drain and plumbing system is different, and problems may arise that most plumbers are not prepared for. You can be waiting all day while that Jabroni is running back to the office to grab the right tool, all while your drain remains clogged. Don’t waste time with any old Salt Lake City plumber. Glover Plumber hires an elite team of master plumbers and technicians that come fully prepared to solve even the toughest drain blockage. We fix the problem the first time to get your water flowing.

When removing stubborn blockages, many plumbers resort to caveman plumbing tactics that take forever and may cause additional damage to your plumbing. Glover Plumbing uses a wide array of high-tech drain cleaning tools to efficiently unclog your sink or drain, all while saving you money on the drain cleaning service and future repairs.

When we are diagnosing the cause of your blockage, we can use advanced video technology to inspect the blockage. Once diagnosed, we can do sink drain repair, hydrojetting drain cleaning, unclog shower and bath drains, and repair slow or leaking drains in any part of your Utah home. We specialize in Hydro Jetting to clear large blockages with no harsh chemicals and can even clear clogged main lines.

Our Salt Lake City drain cleaning services include everything from small sink blockages to major sewer drain clogs and tree rooting. At Glover Services, we perform drain cleaning with the utmost care all while working so efficiently that we will be in and out before dinner.

Drain clearing techniques we specialize in:

Salt Lake Drain Cleaning
  • Sink drain repair
  • Clogged drains in sinks
  • Hydrojetting drain cleaning
  • Repair slow drains
  • Video drain inspections
  • Clogged main lines

Don’t put up with your slow or clogged drains, call Glover Plumbing Services in Salt Lake City and start your drain cleaning today! 801-679-4266




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"Love the extra time (and energy) me and the wife have now to spend doing stuff we want to do. They do a great job, very reliable, easy to work with. Get exactly what we want."

James (Park City, UT)