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Plumbing Know How

plumbing know how

  1. Test your pipes for calcium & mineral deposits 3 times a year: Turn on the water in your kitchen sink and bathtub at the same time, if you see a noticeable reduction in water speed or water volume, you should call your local plumber.
  2. Make sure you know where your Water Supply Meter & Main Drain Line Clean-out are located in your home.  Check outside pipes and faucet for wet spots, puddles or corrosion.
  3. Check your pipes on a regular basis: people have the mentality that if I cannot see it, the problem is not there. That is not true when it comes to plumbing; you want to catch the “leak” before it turns into a flood.
  4. Watch your drains for slow drainage, the moment you see a drain start emptying slower than usual call your local plumber for an inspection (Glover Plumbing: PH# 801-495-9050).
  5. Check the house for “unexpected” mold & mildew growing in places where there is no moisture visible. It could be an indication of an internal leak.
  6. Check your washing machine connection for leaks and secured connections.
  7. Check the valves & valve handles for leaks, tightness & bathroom valves should be checked for movement.

Or if you just don’t want to do any of that, contact Glover Plumbing for a free home safety inspection and mention you saw this post.

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