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Moving? 5 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service

Hire a Cleaning ServiceYou have enough to worry about with finding boxes, packing, and renting a truck. Once you’ve exhausted yourself by carrying everything out of the house you go back for one last to-do item…cleaning.

Surely all of us would love to have someone else clean our house when we move out. But often we decide to save the money and do it ourselves. Moving is the perfect time to hire a maid service. Allow us to list give reasons why hiring a professional cleaning service is worth it.

  1. The most obvious reason is you will have no desire to clean after spending all day moving. It’s one thing to clean your own living space, but your house now belongs to someone else. Staying motivated is hard when you know you’ll never see the place again.
  2. Consider the time you’re saving. Put that and your energy into decorating your new home. Plus you won’t have to buy or use your own cleaning supplies.
  3. There’s clean and then there’s CLEAN! We’re not called professionals for nothing. You can be sure our maids will have every spot in your old house shining: windows, baseboards, oven, refrigerator, ceiling fans, cabinets, drawers and more. Just read through that list. Do you really want to tackle all those projects on your own?
  4. Just like you don’t want to have to clean your new place when you move in, the person taking your spot will have the same wish. It’s a common courtesy. Follow the golden rule and leave your old place as clean as you want your new place to be. Keep the trend going and hopefully you’ll never move into a dirty house.
  5. Renters have another incentive to hire a professional cleaning service – your deposit. Most landlords require renters to pay a cleaning deposit upon move in. The deposit is refundable when the renter moves out if they properly clean the unit. If they don’t then the renter not only loses their deposit but may also be charged extra fees. Request a move out check-list from your landlord, then give that list to the cleaning service so nothing gets missed.

As an added tip, if you’re moving somewhere nearby, get out of your old place a couple days before the lease expires. This allows adequate time for the cleaners. If you’re moving far away then stack all your boxes in the middle of the rooms. Give the maids a heads up so they know what to expect when they arrive.

Please note that hiring a cleaning service does not mean you’re lazy or too proud to scrub floors. Sometimes in life we just need help and Glover is happy to help you out.

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