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Maid Service Myths

Eric Villarreal Glover Cleaning Manager

There is a lot of confusion about having a maid service. Many people get the wrong information about having a maid service and what having a maid service is all about. Below are some of the most popular myths about having a maid service.

MYTH #1. A maid service is only for the rich? This may have been the case back in the day, but many home owners find that having a recurring maid service is the best way to maintain a home and be able to free up time to spend with their families. Maid services can be customize for your budget and your needs and are definitely not just for the rich.

MYTH #2. You can’t trust a maid service in your home? It’s normal to be nervous about having someone in your home for the first time. However; hiring a maid service from a reputable company means they are in business for the long-run. They do background checks on their cleaning staff and are they don’t want to tarnish their hard earned reputation by simply hiring a person who is dishonest.

MYTH #3. It’s cheaper to find a person instead of a company. Hiring a company instead of “just a person” protects you. Legitimate cleaning companies are bonded, insured and trained to clean fast and efficiently. They also are I-9 compliant so you won’t get in trouble with the IRS. Because they are insured and bonded, they protect you from in case of any accidents.

MYTH #4. Hiring a maid service is a hastle. Hiring a maid service is really very easy. Most maid services will give you a quote before they start any cleaning and will give you options to meet your schedule and budget.

Give Glover Cleaning a call and we can show you how easy it is to have a maid service customized for your needs.

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