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Local Boy Looks to Make Dream Become Reality

Ask Barack Obama, he knows.  A plumber can come from nowhere and throw a wrench in everything.  His bid in 2008 nearly came unraveled due to Joe the Plumber.

Glover Maintenance’s very own Plumbing Supervisor, Shawn Powell of Lehi, hopes to throw a wrench in the Utah golf scene by winning the Utah Open.  We’re excited to be playing a small role in helping him chase a dream—and we think he can do it.

Who’s Shawn Powell?

If you’re one of our customers and have had Shawn out to your home, you know he’s a great plumber.  He’s in charge of our Plumbing technicians out of Salt Lake City, a third generation Master Plumber, and a first generation golfer.  Two weeks ago he carded a 66 at The Ranches; he’s the reigning Cascade Golf club champion; and most importantly, his tips and lessons have brought my handicap back into the stratosphere and my drives now usually end up playable.

Amazingly, Shawn’s game is at that level even though he’s only able to play about five rounds a month, and gets up early or stays up late to hit a couple buckets a week.  So, in that sense, he’s a lot like most of us “regular” guys that enjoy the game.

What’s the Utah Open?  Why’s it a big deal?

The Siegfried & Jensen Utah Open is the premier Utah golf event put on by the Utah PGA.  Its open to anybody who qualifies either by exemptions, or by winning the qualifier round.  Professionals and amateurs alike can compete.

The winner of The Open receives a check and an exemption to a Nationwide Tour event.  If they play well in that event, they can continue to play and find themselves making good money playing professional golf.  The Utah Open has no BCS keeping people from the table if they beat whoever is on the schedule.

Should I follow the Utah Open?

Yes.  Six of the last ten winners are Utah golfers and one was an amateur.  These competitors are your friends and neighbors—and maybe your plumber.  Its not often in life you know somebody that has the courage and opportunity to chase their dreams.

Glover Maintenance is excited to sponsor Shawn in his effort and proud to have him wear our company logo.  Best of luck Shawn!  We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

-By Matthew Glover

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