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Live with Girls? How to Keep Your Drains Hair Free

Live with GirlsOne girl with one bathroom is enough hair to manage. Add any more people and the mess can pile up real fast. And what’s the worst part? The shower drain. When your morning shower begins to look more like a bath, you know you have a problem and it’s not pretty. We’ll go over that, but first, how can you prevent your drain from getting to that point?

Hair is more fragile when it’s wet, which means some of it is going to fall out when you wash it. Don’t worry, you’re not balding. This is completely normal. To avoid clogging your drain, brush your hair while it’s dry before getting into the shower. This will remove loose strands, which means less of it ends up in the shower.

Buy a hair catcher. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It sits atop your drain to catch any hair from going down. After your shower simply lift off the catcher and clean out the hair. You can buy a hair catcher for about $5.

There are ways to stop some of that hair before it even reaches the drain stopper. Several women already use this trick. When you wash your hair, pull out strands. Don’t let them fall on the floor. Then stick your wet hair to the shower wall. Sounds weird, but it works. Once you get out, pull the hair off the wall and throw it away.

Clean your drain monthly. Pour in ¾ cups baking soda and ½ cup vinegar down the drain. Cover it until the baking soda stops fizzing. Then pour in a gallon of boiling water. This loosens any hair and gunk and pushes it down the pipe. Afterwards, run warm water for a few minutes to push it all the way through.

If you do notice your drain starting to empty slower, grab some gloves and tweezers. Pull off the drain cover and use the tweezers to pull out any stuck hair near the top of the drain. This usually fixes the problem instantly.

Most of you might be tempted to forego the tweezers and buy a liquid drain cleaner. Note that drain cleaners use a chemical process to heat up and dissolve whatever is in the drain. This works great for scum and grease, but not so well for a big clump of hair. A drain cleaner might help a little, but to get the job done you’ll just have to pull out the hair.

Now share these tips with your roommates and together you can keep your drain working properly. Then all you have to worry about is how to style your hair in the morning.

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