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Landscaping: One Sure Way to Raise Your Property Value

Landscaping 2Think about the overall “curb appeal” of your business. People begin forming a first impression the moment they see your building. A bland landscape won’t win you any points with potential customers or employees. On the other hand, a well-chosen array of plants, trees or even a nice fountain will work wonders that perhaps you never realized.

Professional landscaping adds value to your business and property. Realtors estimate that 95% of home shoppers won’t even get out of their car if the home lacks “curb appeal” (1). The principle is similar for a business. Well-designed landscape invites customers, vendors and employees resulting in higher occupancy rates (if you rent) and increased profits. It also makes you look more credible as a company. When others see how well you maintain your property, they’ll get the impression that you’re a successful company who takes your business seriously.

A great landscape can result in better employees. Each morning they’ll get an aesthetic dose of nature as they walk into work. That’s enough to boost their mood a little. Their overall work experience is enhanced, which improves performance and attitudes.

A well-chosen landscape can lower utility costs. The right plant material in the right spots can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent (2). A lush garden will also lower noise levels, which is a great selling point for rental properties. All this adds up to more profits for you as the business owner.

Here are nine tips for hiring a professional landscaper

  1. Decide what you want done and the purpose for the landscape. This will provide useful information when drafting plans with the contractor.
  2. Determine your budget.
  3. Only hire someone who’s insured and licensed or certified. Ask for proof of workers compensation and liability insurance.
  4. Ask about experience. A company that has employees with either an ornamental horticulture degree or several years of experience are more credible.
  5. A company that is an active member of a landscape association is showcasing its interest in excellence.
  6. Ask about guarantees. Find out what’s covered, what’s not and for how long.
  7. Visit another job the company has finished or one that’s in progress. Compare quality to see if it’s what you’re looking for.
  8. Ask for references and call them.
  9. Understand a contract before you sign it. Don’t make any down payments until you do.

Adding professional landscaping to your business is well worth the investment, not just for the profits but for the enjoyable atmosphere as well.



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