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It’s the Holiday (Cleaning) Season

Holiday Cleaning SeasonOne of the best things about the holidays is putting up holiday decorations. There’s nothing like cracking open those boxes and pulling out your lights and tinsel. Decorating your home for the holidays can be exciting, but before you dust off your décor, be sure to dust off your shelves. Doing a simple clean before you decorate will save you from stressing later on.

You might think it’s silly to clean spots that will be covered up by a nativity or tinsel. But if you do it now you’ll have less mess at the end of the season when you take down your decorations. Plus, there are places that will be harder to clean with decorations in the way.

Here’s our Quick Cleaning Checklist to keep on hand this holiday season:

  • Sweep and mop or vacuum your floors before putting up your tree. If you have to crawl behind those pine needles you’re guaranteed to come out with a few scratches.

  • Dust and polish wood and glass surfaces before arranging items on top. Then all you’ll need is a quick dusting every so often before company comes over.

  • If you plan to hang window cling decorations don’t forget to wash the glass first. The clings will stick better and you won’t have to keep fixing them.

  • Get rid of any dust mounds on your curtains before hanging decorations. Trying to vacuum those later without getting the fabric stuck in the hose will be a headache.

When your house shines, so do your decorations. Otherwise your rooms might look more cluttery than classy. When guests come over they are going to be turning their heads to check out all your fun decorations. How embarrassed would you feel if they saw a cobweb on the ceiling? They might think you had your holidays mixed up (after all Halloween is over).

An orderly house is also good for your sanity. If you begin hanging decorations and notice a messy spot, you’ll be tempted to drop everything and clean it. Decorating should be fun not frustrating. Trying to put up ornaments while your house is already a mess will only drive you crazy. Get the dirty stuff out of the way first and then you’ll be able to focus all your attention on the fun stuff.

You might convince yourself that you’ll clean after putting up decorations. Don’t fall into this trap. If you need a little boost try playing some holiday music to keep you in the spirit.

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