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Hydro Jetting Benefits

Hydrojetting Drain and Sewer Lines

Your local Salt Lake City Plumber, Glover Plumbing, are experts at hydro jetting sewer and drain lines.  A lot of people are not familiar with what a residential hydro jetter is, what types there are and when they should be used.  We have various sizes of hydrojetters that work great on lines up to 8 inches and is the best way to clean the entire inner surface of the pipe.  Glover Plumbing will clean the entire 360 degrees of the inside of the sewer line or drain line, and return the lines to “as new” condition.

We also have a smaller hydrojet that can pressure clean clogged sink, laundry and tub drains.  It works great at removing soap build up and hair buildup.  We also hydro-jet clogged greasy kitchen drains, plumbing stacks, and sewer lines and drains inside the home.

Hydro Jets work well on roots in a sewer line, when fitted with the correct nozzle.  A good root cutting tool has nozzles with inserts that cut through the root and clear the blockage in the sewer line.  Glover Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service.

We can also use our sewer camera to inspect the line and be sure that it has been cleared.  Camera inspection can also identify broken or shifted lines which can help to trap waste and create a blockage.

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