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How To Prepare For Your Home To Be Cleaned

Eric Villarreal

Your getting your house cleaned, but your not sure what to do to prepare for the house cleaners?

Here are some tips

1. House Entry – you should always have a way for the cleaners to have access to the house (ie: key, garage code, back-door unlocked). Garage code is always the preferred method.

2. Pets- we love pets, but they get in the way of us doing our work. Please have an arranged placed for your pets when the cleaning crew arrives so that they do not get in the way of the cleaners.

3. Interference – do not let items get in the way of our cleaning. Although we are there to clean, keep in mind that we are only there to clean what we had been hired and contracted to clean. Certain items can get in the way of us cleaning and may result in us having cleaning around certain areas.

4. Payments – Have payment arrangements scheduled with the office before a cleaning crew arrives. This way a cleaner is not requesting payment when payment may have already been taken care of.

5. Invoices – Our cleaners are trained to leave an invoice behind. I you would prefer not to have one left behind, please contact the office beforehand so that the message can be sent to the cleaning crew cleaning your house.

6. Utilities – please have electricity and water on at all times (usually for foreclosed homes)

7. Visitor’s list- if living in a gated community, please inform the gate of our appointment so that they can let our cleaners in. If your gated community does not have a person working in a booth and requires a code, make sure we have that.

8. Other guests- although we prefer no one to interrupt our cleaning we understand that some schedules may conflict. If you are planning another visitor at the house during the time we will be cleaning, please let us know so that we can let them in (ie: electrician, painter, cable guy)… or our cleaners don’t hit someone over the head with a broom.

9. Valuables – any jewelry, money, or important valuables should be put away to prevent those items being mis-placed somewhere else. (dave, think of another way of saying this where it doesn’t make our cleaners sound un-trustworthy)

10. Have something fun to do planned. Our motto is “go have fun, the cleaning is done”. Part of luxury of having us clean your house is so that you can go and enjoy something you truly enjoy.

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