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Utah Furnace Installation

Have your gas and electric bills been steadily rising? Are you constantly fiddling your thermostat but rarely find the perfect room temperature? Does your furnace remember the Reagan administration? An old or faulty furnace is nothing to be trifled with. While you may think you can just stick it out without replacing your furnace, major malfunctions and serious dangers can arise if not replaced in a timely manner. If you need new furnace installation in Salt Lake City, be sure to call Glover Heating & Air at the first sign of a faulty furnace.

Trust the furnace experts at Glover Heating & Cooling

York Furnace Installation

Glover Heating & Air employs the Utah furnace installation experts. When it’s time to replace your furnace with a brand new furnace, Glover is able to meet all your needs. We carry all types of furnace brand, and specialize in York, Carrier, Trane, and Lennox brand furnaces. When you call Glover Heating & Air to your home, we don’t perform a bare bones inspection and recommend our top seller. Unfortunately, this is very common with other HVAC services in Salt Lake City. Glover Heating & Air takes a different approach. When our technicians are called to your home, we take the time to evaluate your home’s furnace needs and then recommend the best brand and model available to make your furnace installation quick and your heating and cooling efficient, and your home comfortable.

Save money on energy costs with a new furnace!

We can also help you save money on your heating and cooling bills. When we go through the process of installing a new furnace in your home, we set time to educate you on what your new furnace will do for you and how you can make your home comfortable through all the seasons, all while saving you money on your monthly gas and electric bills.

We aren’t here to sell you the biggest furnace we offer. In the case of installing a new furnace, size does actually matter. In most homes, installing a furnace that’s too big or too small wastes energy and causes uneven temperatures. A furnace of the wrong size can also cause poor humidity problems and eventually costly maintenance problems.

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I'm Mark, and I head up the Heating & Air Department for Glover Maintenance. Its my job to make sure we provide you with the best service possible for your heating and air conditioning needs. Call us today to make your home comfortable year around.

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