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Having Your House Cleaned Cuts Down On Insects

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Summer time sometimes means bug infestation in many homes. Having your house professionally cleaned cuts down on bugs and reduces ants. Ants are the number one most complained about pest during summer months. There is nothing worse than opening your cabinets and seeing ants on your clean dishes.

Here are some home remedies to kill ants.

  1. White vinegar is a common cure to kill ants. You simply wipe or spray areas effected by ants and you will get rid of ants in a matter of minutes.
  2. You can use cucumber to get rid off ants. Ants don’t like the taste of cucumber. Placing small piece of cucumber in ants affected area will force them to leave your home.
  3. Spray soap water on the entry points of ants as well as cabinets and other areas. This is another effective home remedy to get rid off ants permanently.
  4. Crush dried mint leaves and spread the powder in areas prone to ant attack. You can even use mint tea bags. This is considered to be one of the effective home remedies to kill ants.
  5. Add borax to sugar solution and dilute it a bit and spray it. This is considered to be highly effective home remedy to get rid of ants. You can even use borax in powder from to kill ants.
  6. Spreading chili powder on the hives and nests of ants is the best way to prevent ants entering your house.
  7. Another best way to check ants entering your house is to spray peppermint oil in all the room corners, kitchen and cabinets.
  8. Table salt is also one of the effective home remedies to get rid of ants. Add salt to boiling water and prepare a salt solution. Now spray this salt solution in all corners of your house.
  9. Placing bay leaves across the tracks of ants is another effective way to get rid off of Ants.
  10. In the similar way you can spread cinnamon powder on the path followed by ants. This is considered to be effective way to march ants out of your house.

Get your house cleaned by Glover Cleaning and make sure ants don’t invade your home.

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