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Happy Pioneer Day

Zion National Park167 years ago, early Utah pioneers stepped into Salt Lake City and declared “This is the place!” With its beautifully diverse landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and four breathtaking seasons, we have to agree that Utah is certainly a phenomenal place to call home. To celebrate this great state, here are 10 fun facts and 10 places to visit.



Fun Facts:

  1. The very first Pioneer Day—although it was not yet called Pioneer Day—was celebrated on July 24, 1849.
  2. The first official “Pioneer Day” was celebrated in 1857, but was interrupted by the approach of Johnson’s army, which signified the beginning of the Utah War.
  3. Utah became a state on January 4, 1896 and was the 45th state to enter the Union.
  4. Utah’s state bird is the California Gull.
  5. Utah’s state vegetable is the Spanish sweet onion *we find it mildly amusing that both the onion and gull possess another area in their title.
  6. Utah’s land area is 84,916 square miles.
  7. The Great Salt Lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi and is the 5th saltiest body of water on the planet, just after the Dead Sea.
  8. Utah is a hotspot for dinosaur fossils. The Allosaurus is our state fossil.
  9. Utah was the first state to elect a woman state senator.
  10. Utah has 43 state parks and 5 national parks.

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Places to Visit:

  1. Antelope Island State Park
  2. Bonneville Salt Flats
  3. Gilgal Sculpture Garden
  4. Goblin Valley
  5. Kennecott Copper Mine
  6. Mount Olympus
  7. The Spiral Jetty
  8. Thistle Ghost Town
  9. Topaz Mountain
  10. Zion National Park  

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