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Utah and other states in the Intermountain West are among the most arid in the nation: as such, we have a responsibility to show a little more wisdom in how we use and conserve this most precious of resources.  This winter has produced less water shed than past years so water conservation will be even more important this year.

The plumbing industry has led the way in developing and engineering new products that help homeowners maintain their quality of life while cutting way back on water usage and waste. Here are some water-wise words of wisdom about practicing sound conservation at home as well as suggestions for products that can help:

Identify which appliances and systems in your home are the real water wasters, then actively seek ways to keep usage to a minimum. For example, limit each family member’s showers to 5 minutes. This may seem like a short amount of time at first, but you’ll soon find you can get everything clean well within this time limit. FACT: A 5-minute shower still uses close to 40 gallons of water! For even more savings, install a water-saving shower head too. Only run your dishwasher and washing machine when they are at full capacity, and don’t leave water running when you are brushing your teeth.

If your kitchen faucet leaks, don’t ignore it.  Either get out your rusty plumbing tools or call a plumbing professional to fix the leak for you. The little drip, drip, drip sound may sound innocuous, but it could be wasting 20 or more gallons in a single day!  Leaky toilets are a real problem too. To check the soundness of your toilet tank, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank and check back in 30 minutes (without flushing)! If the color appears in your bowl, you have a water-wasting leak: time to call the plumber!

If you find yourself constantly repairing the same drippy faucet over and over again or if you have really old toilets that use 3 or more gallons of water per flush, then it’s probably time to make a modest investment in new fixtures and/or new water-efficient toilets. The amount of water you’ll conserve is significant: you’ll be “living green” and you’ll feel terrific when you receive your next utility bill.

Call Glover Plumbing, The experts in Utah Plumbing services to conserve water and save money!

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