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Glover Lovers: Post a Scorecard & enter to Win!

As seen below, we have one of Shawn’s recent scorecards as he prepares for the Utah Open qualifier. We’d like to see how your golf game is going.

So, post a picture of your most recent scorecard & enter to win a house cleaning & one round of golf with Shawn himself.

This contest is straight forward, any person who “likes” us on Facebook and tells a friend about us on Facebook is entered to win. What do you win?

The best thing ever! A free cleaning, so you can go have fun while the cleaning gets done. ADDITIONALLY, you get one free round of golf with Shawn (he will be giving out tips and tricks to a perfect round if you want)

Shawn doesn’t like to brag, so we are bragging for him. We are confident that he has a chance to win the Utah open. The Glover Family is backing him up 100% and so should you. Spread the word and get involved!!!!!

Shawn Powell scorecard Glover Cleaning Utah Open Athlete

Post all scorecards on our facebook page:

click here & enter to win:

Restriction: free cleaning applicable in some cities in the state of Utah. If you reside outside our area of coverage, we can clean a friend’s home for you.

Shawn’s Stats:
Age: Old enough to remember when Johnny Miller was winning tournaments.

Height: 5’11

Weight: 210 pounds of pure table muscles.

Favorite club: Driver Callaway FT-9 Tour 9.5° Driver, Graphite Extra Stiff.

Favorite course: Fox Hollow.

Favorite memory: Winning the 2010 Cascade Club Championship. Growing up in the Provo area I played this golf course often, winning the championship gave me great satisfaction.

Longest drive: 376 (Mark & Gill are my witnesses)

Favorite item in his golf attire: Shoes

“Lucky Charm”: U Of U divot repair tool that my friend Eric gifted me. I also carry coins/trinkets gifted to me, from the people I love. I am 100% believer in surrounding myself with positive energy.

Shawn Comments: I am humbled by this opportunity when Matt approached me with the idea I was shocked. Working for the Glover Family has been an answer to my prayers. I want to thank the Glover Family for all of their Support. I hope I represent them well.

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