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Glover Cleaning Meets New Friends

In April this year, Glover Cleaning attended a convention hosted by where we met successful business owners in the cleaning industry interested in collaborating and sharing ideas about how to improve their businesses.  One business owner we met, and knew we wanted to emulate was Teresa Ward of Teresa's Family Cleaning in Long Island, New York.  We were able to chat with her for maybe about half an hour at the event, but knew she was a wealth of information.

In hopes of improving our cleaning department, I sent Teresa an email to see if she’d be open to a visit by Eric Villarreal and me so we could pick her brain a little.  The answer wasn’t only yes, it was absolutely yes, and an invite to stay in her home while there and an offer to pick us up.  I couldn’t believe it.

Well, we just got back from New York and were blown away.  Teresa was named 2009, New York State Small Business Person of the Year by the United States Small Business Administration, and she deserved it.  Not only does she run a great business, she’s a great member of her community and provides an incredible amount of charitable services, integrating her efforts to do well, and to do good.  Her giving ranges from cancer patients to Habitat for Humanity.  The organizations she participates in range from the standard Chambers of Commerce to mentoring for women owned businesses.  She’s the epitome of the Golden Rule.    I highly recommend viewing her website, run by one of her great staff, Margaret, to see all that they do for their community,

So, fresh from New York, we hope to bring some of this goodness to our community in Salt Lake, Utah.  You can expect from us to continue to provide great cleaning services.  What you will begin to see is more effective interactions with our office staff, and your patronage of us enabling us to both do well and do good.  Teresa’s, and many members of ARCSI, have shown us that this should be the case.

Thank you Teresa’s Family Cleaning and thank you ARCSI for the great examples.  We hope to measure up.  You’ve been awesome so far.


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