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Getting to Know Glover Cleaning – The Most Interesting Cleaning Business in the World (or at least Utah)

Stay Clean, our Friends! What do you think?

Hello, friends.  It may sound odd to you that we have a great time at Glover Cleaning.

Most of our clients greatly dislike the task of cleaning – which is why we have a job.  We appreciate that.  Beyond that, we take pride in running a business that constantly looks to improve.   We measure our improvement in a few ways: 1) growing our business, 2) having satisfied clients as we grow, 3) assisting our cleaners and maids, and office staff, in achieving their personal and professional goals.

This is one of the reasons you’ve read about us assisting Shawn Powell in his quest to win the Utah Open.  He’s in our plumbing division and you can read about him by clicking on the link on his name.

In this video, we took the time to introduce you to the people that you interact with, or will interact with as you become our clients.  We hope you enjoy it.  We enjoyed making it – and we do believe that we are the most interesting cleaning business in the world!

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