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Getting Ready for Holiday Guests

It is that time of year and the relatives may start invading your personal space.  Whenever loved ones are coming into town, it can be a good idea to get a head start on the cleaning before they actually arrive.  You can present your home as a show piece if it is nice and clean.  The best part about having a clean home is the ability to entertain more people.  A clean home is an inviting experience and will leave people impressed.  It also helps you get more invites to social gatherings.

The first room we need to tackle is the kitchen.  The kitchen is naturally the gathering place for most holiday functions.  People tend to congregate around eating places and your kitchen will be no exception.   Start with the floors and shine them to a gleam, whatever surface they are.  The next area is the counters and upper surfaces.  Make sure to pull appliances and such to reach all of the areas with a disinfectant and cleaning agent.  The next step is to polish the stove and refrigerator with an industrial strength cleanser.  The final touch on any kitchen is to organize the dishes so they are ready to serve lots of people!

The living room is the next area of attack.  We want to get in and clean all of the carpets and upholstery.  Having these things clean will leave a great scent throughout the house.  If you have a smell issue, try cleaning first instead of sickly sweet smelling candles or air fresheners.  Opening the windows and blinds can also do wonders, even in a short amount of time.  Organize chairs and seating arrangements next so guests will feel comfortable sitting and chatting with one another.  Try to have some end tables around as well so friends will have a place to set drinks down.

The bathroom is the final stop and can easily be the biggest problem for a visiting person.  Make sure the bathroom is clean from top to bottom with a heavy disinfectant.  Clean the mirrors and all ceramic surfaces with Windex to really get them to shine.  Make sure the bathroom is well stocked with essential items so guests are not calling down the hall for a certain thing.  Here at Glover Cleaning, hope you enjoy the holidays.

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