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Fun Times at Glover Maintenance BBQ

Water balloon tosses, marshmallow races, horse shoes, bounce houses, raffles, and good food—not just a list of some of my favorite things, but also some of what was enjoyed at our company BBQ.  This post is written mainly for our team so they can get pictures from the event and remember some of the good times.

The turn out was great at about 140 people.  We had great representation from each of our divisions: Landscape Maintenance, Plumbing and Heating, and Cleaning.  It was a lot of work and we want to especially thank Kim Matz for the planning and the work in getting it all set up.

I think the highlight was the balloon toss for the adults.  There was definite reluctance from the adults in doing it, but once we got everybody off the picnic benches and lined up, it was a lot of fun.  We’ve included the pictures for review.

Hopefully, the cleaners appreciated being able to just show up to the event and leave when it was over; no clean up required before of after the event on their part (seeing as that’s most of their job during work hours—cleaning up for events, or after them).  In that way, the event was maid easy (couldn’t resist the pun).

Thanks to the team that makes it fun, the customers that make it possible to support our families, and our families that give us a reason to work.

Glover Cleaning BBQ Pictures

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