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It happens every year. The cold weather is here and with it come the frozen pipes. The best thing is to be prepared. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of treatment. First thing to do is to determine which systems are exposed to the elements. A good place to start is the outside faucets. Remove all hoses thus allowing water to drain from faucet body. Wrap faucet with insulation. They also make caps that can be installed over faucet (I recommend using them). For  pipes that have  a perpetual problem freezing you can install heat tape. You may want this to be professionally done if you lack confidence. Either way the taped lines also should be thoroughly insulated. If there is an area of the plumbing system that you can’t keep thawed the last resort is to let a faucet drip thus keeping the water moving so it can’t freeze. Remember to keep an eye on it if you do this in case the drain gets plugged. If you know that you have a freezing problem the best fix is to have it evaluated by a Professional so a permanent solution can be implemented. For other tips check out our website at

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