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Familiarizing Yourself with Your Utah Plumbing System in Case of an Emergency

Do you know how to shut off your main water supply? Where would you go to shut off the gas to your house? It happens almost every day: we have a customer call who is unable to mitigate the damages of a flood because they are unaware of how to access emergency shut off valves. On a standard residential plumbing system every fixture has its own shut off valve. If not we would recommend having one installed as it could potentially save you thousands of dollars. For a toilet there is only one because only cold water is run to the toilet. The shut off is normally located behind toilet if you are facing the toilet on the left hand side. On basins and sinks there are two shut off valves one for hot and one for cold. They will be located underneath the sink in the cabinet. By code hot should be on the left but we find many exceptions to this.

On a water heater the incoming water should have a shut off. If you are facing the water heater it will be above and to the right. Gas water heaters also should have a gas shut off valve. They are normally lower and to the left. The main water shut off is tricky because it can be in numerous places. The best way to find it is to explore your home before hand. We suggest starting in the basement and towards the front of the house. Additionally you can turn the water off to the house at the meter. This requires a special key. We recommend having a meter key on hand for that very purpose. Main gas shut off is located at a gas meter set: taking a wrench and lining up the eyelits for the lock is how you know it is off. If you have any concerns about valves have a plumber come out and install ID tags on valving and help you understand their function. Regular testing of valves will insure that they will work when needed.

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