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Fall Cleaning that Will Make Your Kids Thank Us

Fall CleaningWe all know what “spring cleaning” is. That wonderful time of year when you get to put your kids to work to help air out your house after a long winter. But while we don’t have a well-known term for it, “fall cleaning” is just as important. Here are a few chores to do in the fall that will make your spring cleaning a little easier.

Heading Indoors

You can save a lot of money on wear and tear to your outdoor items if you drag them indoors before the cold, wet weather hits. Items on the list should include patio furniture, the BBQ, and any play equipment in your yard. Take the time to clean them up out in the sun, then bring them in before the sun goes on vacation.

Air it Out

There are some chores that are best done with all of the windows in the house thrown open, and the fall is the time to do them. Anything that requires harsher chemicals in order to get really clean should be cleaned on a day when you can air the house out. Having the carpets cleaned is a good fall cleaning checklist item because this will be your last chance to leave everything open for drying until spring.

Appliance Overhauls

Have you ever turned on your heater for the first time of the season and wondered, “What is that funky smell?” Well, that smell is all of \dust and debris that’s been building up all winter. You can avoid these lovely aromas by changing your furnace filter, cleaning your vents, and even spraying out your ductwork, if need be, all before you ever turn on the heater. This is also a good time to have your furnace inspected to make sure it’s functioning properly. While you’re in the utility room, take the opportunity to drain the sediment from your water heater as well.

What’s Cookin?

A deep cleaning of your entire kitchen will prepare it for all of those delicious holiday feasts that come in the fall and winter. Give your oven a deep clean while you can still leave all the windows open. And don’t forget to clean out the fridge and check your food storage for expired items.

Unwelcome Guests

You’re not the only one looking for an inviting hideaway during the winter. Plenty of pests, including rodents and insects, will try to make themselves at home in your home during the cold months. Schedule your monthly pest control now, and have your home inspected for any problems.

Exterior Care

Last but not least, you need to put a little love into the outside of your home. Sand and reseal any wood that needs some extra protection against the winter (decks, railings). Clean rain gutters and have the roof inspected for any potential problems. Clean and inspect the chimney and flue so they’ll be ready for that warm winter fire.

With just a little bit of foresight, and some extra hours of cleaning, you can make sure your house survives the winter and save yourself some time in the spring. Trust us, your kids will thank you.

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