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Don’t Be Embarassed To Get Your House Cleaned?

Eric Villarreal Glover Cleaning Manager

We hear it everyday. Someone will call in and say they need to get their house cleaned, and then they quickly tell us an excuse why they need their house cleaned. We hear, “I’m a good house cleaner, but I got really busy at work”. Or, we hear, “I am a clean person, but my mother-in-law is coming so I need to get my house EXTRA clean”.

Just because you get your house cleaned, doesn’t mean your a bad person or that someone will look down on you. You don’t need to feel guilty and you don’t need to justify getting your house cleaned. Getting your house cleaned is smart and frees up extra time.

If you have a recurring house cleaning service, they usually have a team of cleaners and if you take the total hours spent, it could add up to 4 to 6 hours if only one individual did that cleaning. That’s 4 to 6 hours of professional cleaners, how long would it take you to do that same type of cleaning. Plus, it’s doubtful you would get 4 to 6 hours without being interrupted.

We had a client comment,

“My wife and I were very happy with the service the company provided. The house looks great.

It’s funny how all the little things add up. What I mean is, it actually feels like a weight has been taken off of our shoulders with the house cleaned from top to bottom. A little bit of stress has been relieved in that cleaning everything is one less thing we need to worry about and plan for.”

A cleaning service is not just for the rich. Time is money and if you consider how quickly a cleaning crew can get your home clean, it can provide you time to do what you want. This is especially true of the weekends. Your family has a lot to do during the week. You work all week and now it’s the weekend. Do you really want to spend all weekend cleaning your house or would you like to spend time with your family?

Our cleaning staff will not judge you and think less of you because you are having your house cleaned. Instead they respect the decision you are making and realize that it’s an investment in time.

Our slogan at Glover Cleaning is “Go Have Fun, The Cleaning Is Done”. Call us today and start enjoying some more free time.

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