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Don’t Flush Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes are a convenient way to clean anywhere to tubs to baby bottoms. With the popularity of sanitary wipes, more and more consumers are finding out that flushing wipes down the drain could end up with an expensive plumbing bill.

Disposable wipes don’t disintegrate in water, even the wipes marked “flushable”. Unlike toilet paper, wipes stay pretty much intact as they travel through the sewer pipes and can get caught on debris and cause a clog.

When wipes are marked as “flushable” they are referring to their ability to go down your drain, not disintegrate in your drain. Even flushing floss down your toilet can cause a serious clog in your drains.

You should get in a habit of throwing away cleaning wipes, moist towelettes, personal hygiene products, etc., in the trash, never in your toilet. Clogged sewer lines can be ugly and expensive to fix. Trashing disposalbe wipes is such an easy way to prevent drain trouble.

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