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Difficult Places To Clean

Glover Cleaning Team

It seems that most houses have difficult places to clean. High ceilings and hidden corners seem to be dust magnets in some homes.

We have seen difficult cleaning areas with vaulted ceilings and with high windows. Some home owners resort to throwing wet towel’s and hoping they magically hit the right spot and the towel cleans the corner. Often times, this makes the problem worse.

By ignoring cleaning in these spots, they collect more and more dust and causes the problem to look worse. If you aren’t experience in using a high ladder, the wrong type of ladder could cause marks on the wall and take out dry wall.

Glover Cleaning can help home owners clean those hard to reach areas regardless if they are on high vaulted ceilings or huge bay windows. Call us today to get to those hard to reach areas and make your home clean for Spring.

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