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Why C.O.R.E. Certification Is Important

Eric Villarreal Glover Cleaning Manager

We hear it from our cleaning customers all the time, “your cleaners came to my house a couple of weeks ago and did an amazing job, I want to make sure I get the same cleaners for my next cleaning.”

Glover Cleaning is one of the few cleaning companies in Utah that is C.O.R.E. Certified. That means that all our cleaners go through a professional cleaning training course. The main benefit is that our cleaners clean the same way. There shouldn’t be a difference between cleaning crews.

Our cleaners learn to use the proper chemicals when doing a cleaning. Mixing chemicals can cause harsh fumes and even cause dangerous situations. Our cleaners also learn the safest way to perform cleaning. This reduces accidents and helps our cleaners clean more efficiently.

Glover Cleaning felt it was important to be C.O.R.E. certified so that all our customers receive the same type of service. This allows us to provide our customers with better service and allows us to be flexible with our clients schedules. There is nothing worse than finding a cleaner that does a great job, only to find out that person can’t come to your home or has moved on to another company.

Call Glover Cleaning to clean your home and find out how C.O.R.E. certification makes a difference.

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