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Cleaning Wars Between Modern Men and Women

The term “clean” means different things to different people.  Sometimes a man takes out the trash and they think their chores are done and the house must be clean.  Women can have a different definition of a “clean house”.

Scrubbing Bubbles released a survey and found that when it comes to cleaning, women play a dominant role and some women aren’t ready to share the work with their spouse, even though they want more help.

Many couples fight about cleanliness, but never take time to discuss expectations and what the definition of “clean” means to each other.  Some women run their entire lives around cleanliness and marital moments can arrive when the husband isn’t as concerned.

58 percent of women say it’s their “job” to clean, and a quarter of all woman confided that they want more overall help from their partner or spouse, but 38 percent don’t trust them to meet their standards of cleanliness.

On the other hand, 45 percent of men surveyed say it’s their job to clean and contribute to the household accordingly. More surprisingly, nearly 75 percent of men claim to clean to make their spouse or partner happy – demonstrating they do care about helping out and are picking up the slack.

To help ease the friction of cleaning, John, Gray, the author of Men are from Mars, and Woman Are from Venus offers some suggestions.

  • Define the roles: It’s important to identify all the household chores and discuss who will have ownership of each cleaning task.
  • Discuss expectations: Women should show men how they expect the house to be cleaned and show them what is involved.
  • Look for time-saving cleaning tools: Men love to solve problems and if you get them involved with looking for cleaning tools that will save time, they will be more involved with using them.
  • Remember to say thank you: Whether or not the bathroom shines the way you want, don’t forget to say thank you for making the effort.

Glover Cleaning can help make your home clean and solve many marital moments!

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